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Open Planning Commission Board Member

The Town of West Brookfield is looking for a citizen who would like to serve on the West Brookfield Planning Commission.

What is the role of a Planning Commission member:

The duties of a Massachusetts planning board member involve several important responsibilities. Here are some key tasks typically associated with this role:

Prepare a Comprehensive/Master Plan: Planning board members contribute to the development of a comprehensive or master plan for their city or town. This plan outlines the long-term vision for land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and environmental conservation.

Review and Recommend Zoning Changes: Planning boards actively participate in proposing, reviewing, and holding hearings on zoning bylaw or ordinance changes. They assess how these changes align with the community’s goals and recommend adjustments as needed.

Subdivision Review: Planning board members evaluate both preliminary and definitive subdivision plans. These plans involve the division of land into smaller lots or parcels for development. The board ensures that these subdivisions adhere to local regulations and guidelines.

Approval Not Required (ANR) Plans: ANR plans refer to minor land divisions that meet specific criteria, allowing them to bypass the full subdivision process. Planning boards review and sign off on ANR plans, ensuring compliance with relevant rules.

Remember that the specific duties may vary slightly depending on the city or town, but these general responsibilities provide an overview of the role of a planning board member in Massachusetts

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on this commission, please sent a letter of interest to Beth Gobeille at